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Again, don’t worry about the details for now (I’m just laying out the big picture of how to write a novel). When the time comes, the section on how to create characters gives you all the how-to information you need.

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You have a book idea in your mind, and now it’s up to you to extract those ideas from your imagination and put them on paper. Sounds easy, but for some it can be rather difficult. In today’s blog, we’re going to offer you some helpful tips on how to write the first chapter of your book.

She is also writing a series of small books on a variety of writing topics called – Write a Book Series: A Beginner’s Guide – WRITE YOUR FIRST NOVEL NOW. So far she has published 9 books in the series. Robbie lives in Australia, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. She is divorced, has one lovely daughter, and three exciting grand children.

How Not To Write Your First Novel. A cautionary tale from Lev Grossman,

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