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This tutorial has been performed by Mr-CFD Company. It is about simulation of multiphase flow of multi-fluid in a mixer using the Eulerian model which is done in the Ansys Fluent software.

Mixers are machines that are used to mix solid with solid, liquid with solid, liquid with liquid.

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Yes, they made mistakes. But they were all fluent and proficient to a very high level. One of the things I asked the teachers was, "How did you get to be fluent in English?".

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the field of machine learning has made tremendous progress on addressing these difficult problems.

Researchers both internal and external to Google have published papers describing all these models but the results are still hard to.

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How to create ‘Remeshing’ in ANSYS CFX?.

FLUENT there is no option seems to be available for REMESHING technique wich i need to use in CFX. so please tell me how to create it or to create UDF.