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Treating Toxic Shame β€” Richard Grannon. Treating Toxic Shame β€” Richard Grannon . Visit.

the best way to get rid of stress is to get it off your system. Talk it out, be vulnerable. Then make the decision on how you are going to deal with things.

(our innate moral sense), unhealthy shame triggers our inner critic (which often.

According to Richard Grannon,

a deeply embedded inner critic that never stops criticising them, vilifying them, and reminding them of how bad, angry, terrible and abusive they are. Their sense of self is no more, and they are left open to extreme manipulation from other manipulative people who take advantage of the toxic virus of self-doubt.

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"The part I don’t understand is that the court system expects you to kiss that person’s ass despite how they treat you and your children." "Going to mediation with assholes today for the second time in.

It will take a long time to master such a profound inner change as we fight against our inner critic, the collective of bad internal object relations that will try to sabotage our progress; but in the end, it will be worth it, for ourselves and for our neighbours.

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