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What to charge for a 2-page sales letter. Page 122. Make your words big and write copy for billboards. Page 64. What to charge for a tri-fold self-mailer. Page 124. What to charge for banner ads.

e-newsletter ads.

and pay per click ads. Page 68. How to write a good advertisement. Page 73. What to charge for a tabloid mailing. Page 125.

“Newsmax Health just gave me a Spec Assignment to write about a heart book! If they like it, they’ll pay me!” You turn around and there’s Katie Yeakle, AWAI’s Executive Director, smiling and talking with two attendees. In the far corner, you see Rebecca Matter, AWAI’s President, listening intently to a young woman’s ideas.

When writing copy, especially to your own house list, it’s important that the copy is written in your "voice" so there is a consistent tone to your messaging. A good copywriter will want to interview you and review past materials to get a feel for what your voice is.

How to Choose the Perfect Freelance Copywriting Niche.

Here are a few of her tips.

Katie Yeakle has spent over 20 years in the world of direct marketing and.

Making money online is possible for everybody if they know how to tell the difference between what works and what doesn't

This saved us time and money and allowed us to get the program to market faster.” Katie Yeakle, American Writers & Artists, Inc. Executive Director.

very well-written home-study program for AWAI called “Secrets of Being a Publicist” which shows you in detail how to build your own PR firm. Melanie’s upbeat, go-getter attitude shows.

3 tips for getting more copywriting clients with print ads. Page 8.

–Katie Yeakle, AWAI, Executive Director.

it’s all in one place. What a great resource!”–John Forde, Editor, The Copywriters Roundtable “The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit is an easy-to-follow guide for the new copywriter or veteran wanting to attract new.

Order now, or call Barb, Pat, Debbie, or Jacqueline at 1-866-879-2924 at AWAI. Can’t wait to hear how writing for the B2B market changes your career – and life – for the better! To Your B2B Copywriting Success, Katie Yeakle,