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Proposal Secrets – Julie Stoian. Author Julie Stoian (568) $49.00-84%. Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Roundtable Training – Igor.

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Secrets from an Executive Coach: Learn How to Make $25,000 Per Client // Coach Pony Diaries — #sales #clients. What others are saying.

What $5-$10k Months Look Like in Business // Julie Stoian — #BusinessProfit #BusinessFinance.

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Create Your Laptop Life: Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs Hosted by Julie Stoian Create Your Laptop Life 6 Tips to Writing a Winning Proposal by Honestliz [Infographic]

The Secrets of Making Good Decision These timeless strategies will help you recognize the benefits and consequences of any decision. In this lesson, John presents 10 questions to help sharpen your decision-making skills for quicker resolutions and better outcomes.

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